Animation for Amateurs

Get started with FlipaClip, the stop motion animation software, with this collection of instructional videos.

Josie Trinidad: How to Storyboard Like a Pro!

She's the Head of Story, in charge of taking the script and creating the first visual iteration of the film. 

Storyboarding Basics

Not sure how to make a storyboard or what a storyboard is? This video will show you what you want to know. 

Introduction to FlipaClip

Learn the basics of FlipaClip, including frame creation, eraser and pen settings, and more!

Tips and Tricks

Learn some nuances of the FlipaClip world like how to fade and shade!

Andrei Terbea: How I Became and Animator

Helpful/motivational video about the steps Animator Andrei Terbea took to becoming a professional animator. 

Lip Sync Tutorial

Great for learning how to make characters "speak' !