The Humanities Class

faculty advisor: Dr. Charles Donelan

Books Have Disappeared

Alexia Acosta

Dear Childhood,

I remember when I could curl up on the couch and stay there for hours. The vivid pictures of characters clearly written on the pages in front of me. Books, where have they gone from my life? Have they gone back to the world from which they came, to the lands I may never reach with my feet? Nowadays...


Spring cleaning for the English curriculum

Lyla Bollag

I worked with a family friend, Jill Littlestein, who is a working artist and feminist in her mid-60’s on art. We discussed my summer reading mandatory books: Lord of the Flies (1954) and All Quiet on the Western Front (1929), and how unappealing they were at this time. She told me, “C’mon? Again with the old white men from the 1900s? Wow...