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Her Beloved Watcher

Inspired by “St. Catherine of Alexandria Council to her Tomb by Angels” A body of a woman rests, ashen and pale. A body of a woman is...

Starbucks Barista vs College Campus

Coffee grinds in every apron pocket, probably forty iced coffees per day, and too many complaints about our paper straws. College...

I Get Paid for Vaccinating

I walked briskly down the street, the pale gray pavement cowering under the sun. My voice is cheerful, my posture strong. My coffee brown...

Before the Dawn

Inspired by "Owl and Crescent Moon” Ohara Koson As he, Crescent Moon, begins to fall, The Snow Owl joys for dawn, Dawn that will soon...

Forgotten Frogs

Isolated on a hollow plane of shadow The innocent little frogs are caught in a web of suffering Just like one would be if they lost their...

Repose after Ruin

Inspired by Giovanni Paolo Panini’s “Saint Paul Preaching Among the Ruins” (1750) Gliding between pastel wool, Marble eyes pivot. Their...

Olivia Davenport
class of '22


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