• Andreas McClintock

As I Trudge

Inspired by “Golf III Harlequin” by Petra Cortright

As I trudge through the irksome swampland,

The icy water ascend my legs,

Diving into my shoe and hugging my foot,

Trapping it in a frigid coating.

The flowers undulate under me as I step down,

petals caressing, cushioning,

Tickling me, as they climb my weary legs.

An orange haze muffles my vision,

Filtering my view of the world

Immense mountains watch in stillness.

The vibrant sun lights my way,

The verdure,

A vivid green scene that demands attention from my skimming eye.

As I trek along my path,

Clouds spot my vision

As white as whipped cream on top of a sweet Sunday

The clouds run across the sky.

I see a cat, running away from something

And a dog, chasing the cat

And a face, looking down of our world

And a fox, lying down for a rest

I see a mouse, scurrying around

And a horse, galloping away

And a heart, beating continuously

And a great lion, displaying its mane for all to see

As I trudge through the swamp,

Great stillness envelopes me,

All quiet, all calm

Except for the clouds,

An endless circus trapesing through the air,

A spectacle wanting to be seen.