• Fiona Hernandez

Because of You

by Fiona Hernandez

Inspired by "Ophelia" (1851) by John Everett Millais

It was inevitable,

my eternal suffering.

As long as my heart longed for you

I could not be free

cursed by my fate

obscure sorrows conume me until I

am swallowed whole.

My soul depletes me,

obscure sorrows consume me until sink into darkness


Fixated on my trouble breath

that breathes for you and searches for only you

let me go

wilting away, sweet silent daffodils drift in the roar of the swollen tide

I fall behind, in an inescapable drift

carelessly searching for you

Who will answer my call as I lie barely afloat

my soft glistening lips pursue a departing phantom

as I capsize into this sea sorrows

my soul depletes me as I endure a constant displacement from you

I fail to deny my obsession, and you forever linger

my world end in your fire

but my heart continues to struggle for you

cold grips my flesh bounding me to an internal brawl in which I continuously suffer

Its an unfortunate fate I have

harmonized with madness

with implacable sweetness,

pain consumes me

and holds me

till the last breath,

my body can produce,

endlessly killing me

all because of you.