• Mina Yazadzhiev

Before the Dawn

Inspired by "Owl and Crescent Moon” Ohara Koson

As he, Crescent Moon, begins to fall,

The Snow Owl joys for dawn,

Dawn that will soon banish the night’s ash,

And reveal her true gown at last.

With the wings of an angel,

She ascends off her lonely branch,

Into the light she takes flight.

Thy Beloved will be waiting,

For he gives the light of the dawn.

His delight will banish her sighs,

No more rust shall possess her eyes.

Rebirthed into a bride she will be,

As the ash will flee,

The corrupted feathers will no longer be.

As she flys,

A benevolent call mokes her

To hurry, for he, the moon, will soon ascend,

And no longer light will be able to fend.

A melancholy call now begs of her,

Thy call she becomes drawn,

“the light’s youth is coming to an end,”

The Beloved worries,

“You mustn’t worry”, she calls in return,

“The light I trust in.”

Farther and farther they appear from one another,

Their calls hardly reach each other.

Thy Beloved and thy bride,

No longer see each other’s eyes.

Hope is no longer,

Fear now consumes and takes over.

For what will be of them in the ash?

The Snow Owl reluctantly returns back,

To the lonely branch she will now reside,

For love was not on her side.