• Lyla Bollag

Bloody Moon

He moved swiftly in the woods, trying to escape what he knew was inevitable, but thought this short detour would buy him some wanted time. He ran fast through the woods, jumping over numerous objects: rocks, trees, logs, animals, and pathways leading to nowhere. Everything was beginning to become hazy for him and he soon fell into a blurry red hunger losing himself completely. His eyes slowly turned into a bloodshot red, the veins on his neck became intrusively visible, his once human fingernails sharpened into black thick sharp claws, his jaw began to seize with pure destructive intent giving him non-consensual fanged, already sharpened canines and a lust for blood, heightened perfectly by the bloody moon. A deep guttural growl came from within him; he wasn’t sure what to make of it, except the burning, carnal desire to sink his teeth deep, deep into soft human flesh, penetrating through the skin and muscle, feeling as the warm blood came out fast, with obsequious thick droplets which flowed down from his mouth over his beautifully thick lips, hugging them, gliding down his beautifully cleft chin, making their way down his beautifully shaped neck, resting in the beautiful hollow of his collar bone.

He could feel his body temperature begin to rise, rise in immense heat that which he never felt in his life; it felt as if a powerful fire was moving through him; the fire was moving all throughout his body; in his face, his eyes, his lips creating hot steamy saliva to drip from his gaping mouth which seemed monstrous, but also looked as if he was screaming for help. He felt the burning fire run through his neck, his arms, his hands which were fisted with the black claws ripping into his skin, leaving flying blood droplets to form a bloody trail of breadcrumbs for the forensics on the chase. The fire penetrated his lower body and his mind, it began to burn the humanity left inside of him. The fire seemed to enjoy erasing what sense of goodness was left in Arthur, for it had burned him until he became a mad man who was turning into a crazed animal.

All his humanity had vanished and all that was left was a man; no, not even a man, but an animal who was long overdue for blood, long overdue for human blood, long overdue for the taste of liquid copper which came in the form of a viscous liquid that was beautifully red with sophisticated tones of maroon.

Though the fire had seemed to have destroyed the man inside him, he came by a river which mirrored the beast in front of it and unlocked the clandestine humanity, which was strategically hidden beneath the rubble of the beast. It showed the tattered and evenly dispersed stains of copper blood on him. It highlighted the gruesome fangs which hung above the beautifully stained thick lips resting on the ruefully bloodied chin. The beastly takeover had subsided; the fire had been put out; the monster had vanished. All which was left was a mislead and scared boy on his knees, looking at his severely distraught reflection with tears flowing down his face, filling the already filled river with the self-loathing and hatred for what he had become, for what he had done, for what he let himself become, for his weakness of lust, lust for the vital liquid which once flowed through him naturally.

Dawn was approaching. Arthur was shuddering with his face in his hands and slowly began digging his nails into his perfect soft cheeks. He saw the new day awakening; he decided to atone for the former atrocities committed during the early morrow of today. He couldn't live with himself, he wouldn’t dare, he shouldn’t dare, he thought, for this was too great of a line crossed to be forgiven.

The sun rose, lighting the hill tops, illuminating the side of the northern hemisphere. It traveled slowly through the forest, giving the old wise pine trees an everlescent glow of orange gold on their leaves and branches. It creeped far into the woods making its way towards Arthur. Arthur saw it and got up slowly, making his way to the yellow purity. He took off all his clothes, exposing his beautifully sienna colored skin and stood there, stood there as the light washed over him, stood there as the light burned his flesh, stood there as the light burned over layer by layer of his skin, stood there as the light exposed the raw muscle, soon exposing the raw vampiric structural bone.

Soon he was nothing but raw bloody muscle with bits of bone showing; and soon, nothing but bone and soon, nothing but ash. His ash remains there until it vanishes in the wind and regretfully infests another.