• Charlie Sheldon

From Oak, to Leaf

Inspired by Gerald Incandela’s “Trees”

A lonesome oak rests, enveloped by radiant white light.

It floats under a spotlight, center-stage, displaying its

Diaphanous strokes of crowded branches and leaves.

The gnarled trunk stretches High up, forming the trees’ backbone.

Rough, asymmetrical tiles of bark cover the trunk like wrinkled skin.

Twigs thick and thin peel off from the central shaft,

Composing a grand skeleton of branches.

A right-hanging group of foliage is bunched together like a green family,

Each leaf resting on another like fallen dominos.

The sequence


until the



is left

at the bottom,

A ornament with its ruffled and translucent edges.


Withered prints are visible through meticulous shadows,

Like glimpses of the nighttime darkness are snuggled into the face of the leaf.

With nothing to lean on, this derelict leaf dangles alone, perpetually glowing.