• Lyla Bollag

Her Beloved Watcher

Inspired by “St. Catherine of Alexandria Council to her Tomb by Angels”

A body of a woman rests, ashen and pale.

A body of a woman is raved by an internal culprit with her faint silver-green skin.

Her eyes closed shut from the pain.

Her arms are crossed with her hands clutching the ivory-white cloth, enwrapping her feeble body.

Her once vigorous soul lies languid now, eroding away from the insidious criminal in a deliberately sadistic manner.

A somber red-violet blanket stretches itself across her body.

An Angel sits beside the bed, holding her endearingly.

If her eyes were to remain open, both would be alignment as the Angel exudes his will only known to the Divine.

Upon his softened skin are blushes of fruit pink.

Doting on the bed, the last cherub gazes upon her deathly countenance.

She is unaware of the celestial being before her as she rests.

She concentrates only on the sickness that consumes her.

She, in her mundane state, cannot comprehend what lies in her endeavor.

As she strains in her earthly struggle, the Angel is there to ease her into the Kingdom of Peace.