• Claire Tolles

Introducing: the Writer's Room

Updated: Feb 6, 2021

A new club feature, to help writers improve and share their works! If you're interested in writing keep reading for more details about the Writer's Room.

Writers need support. As the person who taught me everything I know about writing once said, 'if it were easy, everyone would do it.' To this end, the Arts club now has a writer's group. The Writer's Room will meet weekly to discuss/read each other's work, brainstorm ideas, and offer support.

In addition to weekly conferences, the Writer's Room will also have the chance to work with other factions of the club--the filmmakers, the musicians--to create larger projects. This includes the yearly COLLABS project.

If you are interested in the Writer's Room, the weekly meetings are open to all to join/observe. Meeting times and zoom links are available under Events.