• Olivia Davenport

Keep calm, make art, and try to survive.

Updated: Feb 6, 2021

As we approach the so-close-yet-so-far gap between us and winter break, we should take this time to look back on what the members of the art club did with their free time during Thanksgiving break. Kate talked about how she did lots of cooking and listened to a lot of music during the break while Cora described the beautiful acrylic piece she had been working on. As expected, Claire kept busy with her animating and commissions over break as she uses “every free second” on art.

Even if winter break feels just barely out of reach, it is important to remember to take breaks while trying (in my case, struggling) to complete homework assignments with your best effort. Georgia described her time spent drawing and violin practicing as a “creative break” that we could all use in the midst of a pandemic and a school that apparently thinks it’s reasonable to pile us high with homework right before Christmas time. From cooking to painting, the beautiful thing about art is that it is a form of self expression. Taking time to express yourself between math assignments which, in my opinion, doesn’t leave room for creativity (or frankly anything fun at all) could not only improve your performance but also give time to relax as well as build up your skills as Cora stated it.

Keep calm, make art, and try to survive.