• Owen Noble

Mall Rat’s Lament

Inspired by Oliver Boberg’s “Passage (Mall)” (1999)

The walkway persists in silent light —

Its pillars stand stout

Despite no master to walk about.

Guardians of no visible man

Simply there to say “they can”

To the gardener’s dismay

The vines have grown cracked and brown

For he has not appeared today

In his wake,

Some long forgotten tools lay

In lengthy prickly gown

What lights and treats did they take

And left just this behind?

A cubic structured labyrinth;

Hospitable by design.

With capital’s mighty glow

(That leaves me quite entranced)

Where did all the people go?

Perhaps the stairs up to the left?

The passage behind them all but bereft

We scuttle across the ground

The mall will stay with all it’s might.

We make not a sound