• Claire Tolles

Official Club Opening!

Updated: Feb 6, 2021

The Arts Club is officially open! Get creating!

The summer of 2020 holds plenty of apprehension about the school year to come. What will education look like in the midst of a pandemic? Will students have the same opportunities? What about sports? The arts?

While it's true a lot of aspects of education will change, they don't have to change for the worse. One of the main reasons the Arts Club exists is to emphasize the importance of artistic learning. In a time like this, the arts are more important than ever. Creativity, ingenuity, and expressions are the cornerstones and lifeblood of a vibrant culture.

Plans for this club include: creating opportunities for artistic students beyond what is offered at school, helping students learn new skills, and encouraging a safe and collaborative community. All students, regardless of what school they attend, are welcome to help make this dream come true.