• Molly Morouse

Our Reflection in the Water

Molly Morouse

Inspired by “Goldfish” (1912) by Henri Matisse


She drops into the water,

her Titian locks trailing behind.

She presses against the chilling beaker;

A fleeting glimpse of what lies beyond.

A desire for the unknown beckons like a Siren song,

But the poignant scent of claustrophobia lingers stronger.

Outside the beaker, verdurous Monstera blooms amidst the fuschia hibiscus

Are we, too, like her?

Ever longing for what we can’t have?

The dream, like hibiscus, awaits behind only a sliver of glass,

yet, we can’t break it.

We live in a beaker of chilling water, although we may not be wet.

Our world is a glass cage, although we may not touch the sides.

Like her, our desires await behind glass

Like Monstera to she.

We see her, we are her,

yet she is merely a goldfish.

Maybe one day

we both will break like a blossom

Into the sweet promise of freedom