• Caden Weaver

Sparks Fly

by Caden Weaver

Inspired by “Darkytown Rebellion" by Kara Walker (2001)

Dark and faceless these features stand

Amidst the brightly colored land

Some crawl, some walk,

some float, some lean

Though none soar high, the thought obscene

Ground bound for life, chains stuck in dirt

Forced from their homes, driven apart.

Silhouetted ghouls. as dark as the chains

which bind the people and silence their pain

Leaving voices lost, drowned out by sorrow

Repercussions none. no hope for tomorrow

Searching still, for their rainbow bridge;

One hundred years, moved just a smidge

And maybe then, when the years finally pass by,

the world will eventually turn the tide;

and at last with a maudlin goodbye.

The world will witness these shadows fly.

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