• Abby Kim

The Calm Before a Storm

by Abby Kim

Inspired by "Painting of Pompeii" by Unknown

A poor man

gazes beyond the distance

hoping to see his loved one

appear at any moment

around the corner

his hands clasped behind his back

squeezing 'til they turn red

he discerns chatter behind him

a woman's voice

his head whips around

and there she is

dressed like a shining pearl

amidst the ragged wall scarred by graffiti

confused by her surroundings

the woman taps a shoulder

two men

a sea of smiles emerge

as they chat away

eyes scanning her up and down

for who would not be enraptured by her beauty

Out of the corner of her eye

Faustina sees the impecunious man

and filled with delight

her ardent heart races

as it cries out,

"Amore mio!"

Her legs with a mind of their own

leap forward

to her love

her lovely velvet dress

flows behind her

and stars for earrings

dangle behind her

but who would care for these extraneous things

when you are with

the one you love

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