• Claire Kellet

The Case Our Soul Inhabits

by Claire Kellet

Inspired by Seven Views of Naked Man and Two Women at Outdoor Shower by Walker Evans

The body

round or rigid

soft or sturdy

need not be vulnerable bare

Surrounded by a crowd or in solidarity,

the human case our soul inhabits,


more than the survival of our race

the humanity community honors sexual energy

noticing the separation between

emotional nakedness pared with

physically bareness

Comparing the expression of simply the raw body

Tan lines describe the days before

As water splashes cleansing the body it also purifies the mind

Embarrassment, jealousy, and materialism wash down the drain along

with the filth developed throughout the day

Laughter and smiles like a blooming daffodil transfer the energy

Something once considered odd and sinful by a poisonous society

transformed to a serene, rich, and loving connection

Rickety and worn wooden walls shielded the healed consciousness from a

frivolous world