• Jenna Johnson

The Division of Wolfe

by Jenna Johnson

Inspired by "The Death of General Wolfe" (1770) by Benjamin West

Here lies the death of Wolfe

he, who was living, is now dead

surrounded by the soldiers

who kneel, who watch

his soul slowly slip from his lips

cocked sideways, a choked sad smile

half-parted, plump red flesh

more of a faint orange tint now

hid mind dangles helplessly between consciousness

and the clouds above that haunt and hover

that watch him wither away

death fights with his teeth and tongue

it mingles in the crevasses of Wolfe's throat

letting him drown in his vile saliva, open-mouthed

death rests in his mouth, then steals his last breath

in a sudden, velvety scream

Leaving his crimson suit behind

to fall into an outstretched embrace

limp and light, his body sits

while his mind floats like dust into the gray sky

to disappear like the rest