• Jacqueline Richardson

the Flower Blooms Conversation

by Jacqueline Richardson

Inspired by Garden at Sainte-Adresse (1867) by Claud Monet

I pass the fragrant floral bushes; amused by the vibrant colors,

observing the vast turquoise sea

grey steam rises from the chestnut boasts in the distance

Filling up the once clear blue sky with thick smoke

The strong smell of salt water overwhelms my nostrils

the breeze of the ocean swept through the colored flags,

and the flags representing countries swept back and forth dancing in the wind

the spirited flowers synchronized with the flags in the breeze

The man's hand intertwined with his cane,

and the woman's hand gripped onto her umbrella handle, in the strong gust

two seats had been deserted and the other two had been occupied,

kindling the conversation between the two

Did they not notice the flowers of the spring air

or the cool summer breeze that swept past them

could it possibly be that they were just gazing into each others' eyes

with no words left to say