• Elli Westmacott

the Incandescent Stars

by Elli Westmacott

Inspired by "Starry Night" (1888) by Vicent van Gogh

A bittersweet wave of twilight's breath

along with the distant chatter of nearby sailors

whose bliss echos like the shift in tides

rise and fall, defeating the tranquil

the illumination of the bay are mirrored within the waters

rippling softly beneath the glare of heavens

while the incandescent stars dance to the voice of the night

twinkling like fireflies

adding an eerie stillness

Our wings weave as we walk in whist

peeing at the scintillating cosmos

while our strides compose a ballad of amenity

one I shall recall in times of disquiet

a secondary influx of icy air overcomes us

and as our paralleled steeping turns from the placid picture, I whispered gingerly to him,

"Look. there's an artist up there."