• Zea Boyle

The Sleep of Ophelia

Zea Boyle

Inspired by “Ophelia” (1852) by John Everett Millais

Grief swirls in her mind, a dark storm

Thrumming thunder approaching

Grief gushing like rain;

Large drops spreading throughout her head

Vibrant garlands occupy her mind,

She reaches to dangle dainty daisies,

Lacey lilacs, piercing poppes--

Ophelia slips

Melodic song flows from her lips

The forest watches

Ophelia falls

She lies,

Suspended on shimmering, glittering fabric,


Ophelia floats

The willow weeps from her tune

Bright flowers like falling stars


Into the deep, clack stream

The dress sinks

The water seeps

The storm fades

Ophelia sleeps