• Griffin Rick

The Stormy Ocean

Inspired by “1851 by Tony de los Reyes” (2011)

No longer Red, White, or Blue.


Superimposed on an ocean, crashing, thrashing, lashing

31 stars and 13 stripes twinkle above the

Ocean of expansion that was the United States

1850, United States bloats like a dead whale coast to coast,

The 31st state of California, and the 31st star on the flag

1851, a white whale explores the seven seas,

Fleeing his hunter

The unrelenting, dissenting, unlamenting United States

And the ship captain,

Expel their innocent prey,

Pushing their game into unknown waters

Black and White,

The brutality of the Western Americas

Indigenous displaced,

Indigenous debased and

Indigenous lambased,

slaves deranged,

slaves rearranged,

but slaves unchanged.

monomaniacal dispossession