• Alexia Acosta

Wings of Water

My wings support me as I fly

The wind guiding me like a compass

The other gulls call out as I glide away from their cry

The fog of the morning sits on top of the ocean

Like freshly fallen snow

As I fly further to sea the fog is left behind

The brilliant blue ocean smiles at me

The salt cleared my mind

I smile back, then I dive to the dark depths to catch my prey, no luck

I almost got tangled in the clear death trap that was floating by

My wings caught the air and pulled me free

The approaching storm growled at my sly escape

As I flew closer I could see the landscape

I flew neatly into my home waiting for the approaching storm

The wind came first howling and laughing at our attempt of escape

The wind made us shiver as we waited for the rainstorm

The wind became shards of water as it soaked my feathers

The rain became a dull beating then lightning hit, a thunderstorm

My fear was the pinch in my heart

As I waited for the thunder

The thunder rolled right after the lightning

The rain and wind seeped into my feathers

The yellow light sky was frightening

The only thing I could do was wait

The storm was ink in the sky

This cold treachery is my nightmares

Just have to wait

just a bit longer